Cohort & Courses

Your summer . . .choice . . .experience.

Scholar Cohort

You will choose a cohort based on a theme. Each cohort will live together and take a course together. All of the themes emphasize engineering, collaboration, and leadership.

Create projects of your own design and interests with a team.  Learn problem-solving strategies, project management, and teamwork.

Learn about research being conducted at Illinois and different opportunities to get involved in research. Gain the necessary skills to get the most out of your research experience.

Shadow professional engineers in the workplace and learn to enhance your professional and communication skills.

Courses & Seminars

Your course schedule this summer will be 6-8 credits (depending on course selection), classifying you as a full-time student in Summer Session 2.

You will enroll in:

  • An on-campus course of your choosing (3-5 credit hours)

Examples of courses past Summer Scholars have taken

  • Scholar Cohort Course (3 credit hours)
    • Engineering Projects
    • Research
    • Professional Development

You will participate in Summer Scholars Seminars

In the Summer Scholars Seminar you will be introduced to campus resources, engineering faculty, and company representatives.   Examples of past company participants include: Boeing, Caterpillar, Yahoo, P & G and others.

Summer Registration

All students participating in the Summer Scholars program will register for classes on June 8 during the campus’ Summer Registration program.  Summer Registration is a mandatory one-day program for all incoming students and all Summer Scholars should register for classes on this day. You will not need to sign up for a summer registration date with campus because June 8 is the dedicated day for all Summer Scholar students. You will register for both summer and fall courses.  You will also need to complete placement exams two weeks prior to arriving to campus. Learn more about Summer Registration.