Student Stories

“I get to come in with a GPA, connections, knowledge of the campus, knowledge of the diverse options offered to me, and a head start at accessing them”.

-Craig Santo,  2015 Summer Scholar

“My roommate from the summer is now one of my closest friends. Also, the program as a whole, especially the industry seminars we attended throughout the summer, gave me a better idea of what I would want to do with my degree and something to talk about in interviews. I would definitely recommend the program to any incoming engineering students who are looking into Summer Scholars if they want to ease into the 40,000-student environment or they want to get a few credits done early.”

– Angela Davis, 2013 Summer Scholar

Summer scholars taught me about college life, and how to be professional, prepared, and eager to learn as much as I can in my time at U of I so that I can make an impact in the future in a field that interests me. ”

– Max Collins, 2013 Summer Scholar

“I made many friends with both the other incoming freshmen as well as the RAs. I think the RAs were one of the biggest positive points of the program as they were all very social and were always there if we needed help.”

– Alex Jaimes, 2013 Summer Scholar

“I believe that my experience over the summer has changed the course of my freshman year.  During the summer I received one on one attention from CARE at Grangier, explored the campus and all its facilities at my ease, and got to know my professors and TAs more closely than I might have in a larger lecture. I would recommend summer scholars to any incoming freshman engineering student!

– Paula Stocco, 2013 Summer Scholar

“Deciding to attend Summer Scholars is one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. Summer Scholars gave me the opportunity to meet a group of awesome people, build teamwork skills, earn credit, and get a feel for the university before the fall semester began..”

– Derek Hsiao, 2013 Summer Scholar

“It helped me transition to college, but most importantly, I made great friends – friends I wouldn’t have made without being here during the summer. Not only that, but I got to be really familiar with campus prior to the fall so it was easy to find classes and navigate what other freshmen would think were confusing.  I owe it all to the Summer Scholars program!

– Erik Khamphouy, 2013 Summer Scholar

“The friends I made over the summer were my backbones in socializing and also motivations that drove me forward in my academics. We were like a family.”

– Qiasheng Zou, 2013 Summer Scholar

“The Summer Scholars Program was a  great decision for me. It made the transition to college so much smoother. I would highly recommend the Summer Scholars Experience to anybody who wants to get a head start on college, and the rest of their life!”

– Dan Petrisko, 2012 Summer Scholar

“The summer for me was a great way to begin to develop friendship and  start my network as a professional. I continue to talk to many of the people I met over the summer and I anticipate these friendships lasting me the rest of my life.”

– Caleb Perkinson, 2012 Summer Scholar